All You Need to Know About Calming a Crying Baby!

How to Calm a Crying Baby – A Guide for New Moms

Becoming a new mom can be an enchanting experience, with all the advice pouring in from all the sides to heart-melting coos baby makes all the time- it is just a magical time!

Remember when your newborn baby arrived in this beautiful world, the earliest sign you received that your baby has arrived was a cry. No matter whether that cry was a gentle wail, full-throated scream, or a series of screams- it was like a blessing for your ears.

Now, as the days pass on, there is nothing more frustrating than a baby crying all the time. As a parent, you expect your baby to cry for a while, but nothing prepares you for what looks like an endless series of grief-stricken wailing!

You may wonder all the time ‘how to calm a crying newborn’ to enjoy the much-deserved peace. Well, we understand that calming a crying baby can be an overwhelming task, especially for new moms.

So, we have compiled this handy guide of reasons why a baby cries to how you can calm a crying baby. This guide will get you started and give you all the confidence in the world to embrace the new role.

So without any further delay, let’s get started!

Why do babies cry?

Now we have to understand that babies can’t communicate via talking! They can’t move around to get the things they need unless your kid is the adventure hero. Crying is their means of communication.

Therefore, the first step towards learning how to soothe your crying baby is to know why the baby is crying. Here are some of the key baby crying reasons that have haunted all the new parents from ancient times.

1. The baby might be hungry.

Well, there is a reason why they call ‘hungry’ as ‘hangry’. We all get cranky when we are hungry, and the same goes for the babies. According to experts, the baby’s hunger cries include the neh sound as the baby is searching for milk and its tongue reflexively hits the crown of the mouth and produces the sound.

2. The baby may not be able to sleep.

As adults, we tend to sleep as soon as we hit the bed, but the same is not true for babies. Our love muffins take their own sweet time to sleep. To ease the process for them, you can soothe them by singing a lullaby or swaddling them.

3. Maybe the dirty diaper is making the baby uncomfortable.

Now some babies can be in dirty diapers for hours without caring for anything on the face of the earth! On the other hand, some babies would start crying the minute the diaper gets dirty (and we can’t blame them!). To know whether your baby has a dirty diaper, do the sniff test or use the diapers that come with a wetness indicator.

4. The baby might have to burp.

If your baby starts crying just after feeding, it means they have to burp. Everyone knows that babies need to burp just after feeding, but sometimes you also need to burp your baby after hiccups or after they have sucked up on something as all these activities involve swallowing air.

5. The baby might be in pain or is sick.

Sometimes babies also cry to communicate that something is causing them pain or they are feeling sick. Therefore make sure you do the raincheck for them.

As we are done with the reasons why babies cry, let us now jump on the techniques to soothe them.

How to calm a crying baby?

1. Breastfeed your baby

If you want to know ‘how to calm a crying baby in 15 sec’ try breastfeeding! Sometimes babies fall asleep while they are feeding and don’t get enough milk; they may need more when they wake up. Therefore, try to nurse them again, and once you think the baby is full, help him/her to burp and put back to sleep again.

2. Change your baby’s diaper.

Check your baby’s diaper when s/he starts crying because dirty diapers can be uncomfortable on the skin and may cause irritation. You may have just changed your baby’s diaper, but babies tend to wet their diapers very often.
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3. Swaddle them

Sometimes all your baby needs is a snug wrap as it creates a cosy and womb-like feeling for the baby. Many parents find swaddling as a lifesaver for them. It is considered the best way to calm a crying baby because it settles down the baby faster and makes them go to sleep soon. Make sure you snug them enough so that they don’t wriggle out their legs and arms.

4. Pacify them

Babies have a strong sucking instinct, therefore to stop them from crying give them a pacifier. They will instantly stop crying and start sucking the pacifier.

5. Massage your baby

Now let’s face it, who doesn’t love a massage, the soothing power of massage is miraculous and can do wonders for fussy babies. Many studies suggest that babies love skin-to-skin contact, therefore massage them softly. If you have a gas-prone baby, make sure you rub their tummy in a clockwise motion so that their little legs can relieve some pressure.

6. Go for a walk

The rhythm of walking can do wonders when it comes to stop a baby from crying. Not only do babies love a new environment, but they love the motion. Put them in the stroller or tie them around your body because your baby needs the fresh air. As your baby goes out, s/he may be ready for some sweet sugar dreams!

7. Play PEEKABOO with them

Even babies get bored! And peekaboo is the best game for entertaining your bored baby as he may enjoy the laughter and faces you make while playing. You can also try making silly noises.


Days may seem very long if your baby cries a lot, but understanding the cause of your baby’s fussiness can help you to calm down the baby. Also, take care of your sanity while taking care of the baby, and remember that this phase will pass very soon.

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