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Baby checklist

Newborn Baby Essentials – Baby Checklist Must Haves

The thought of welcoming a new baby soon into your home can give you sleepless nights because you can never be prepared enough for an infant. Besides the excitement and jubilation surrounding the birth, there will be a thousand things that need to be done to make sure your newborn is properly cared for when he comes home from the hospital. This is when a baby checklist must-haves can come in handy.
When preparing a list of newborn essentials you have to consider every single aspect of caring for a newborn at home. Whether it is his feeding, bathing, or clothing needs, you need to make sure you have everything you need at home. Here are some newborn baby essentials that every new parent must arrange for:

Feeding essentials:

  • If you are planning on breastfeeding your baby, make sure to get breast pumps, whether battery-operated, electrical, or manual ones. You may choose pumps with closed or open systems and those that can work on both breasts simultaneously.
  • You will need nursing clothes and nursing covers when you breastfeed the baby. It is important to choose superior quality nursing bras, tops, and nightwear that allows smooth breastfeeding, breast pads and nipple shields for soaking the excess milk that might leak, and nipple cream for protecting the nipples.
  • Whether you breastfeed your kid or give him bottles, you will have to keep sterilization tools handy. Bottles must be cleansed in hot, boiling water but an electric sterilizer is recommended when the infant has a weakened immune system.
  • If you are giving your baby the bottle, you must include formula feed in your to-buy list. You should follow the pediatrician’s advice when choosing formula brands.
  • Feeding bottles can be of various types, made from materials like silicone, plastic, or glass. You should ideally buy BPA-free feeding bottles capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • To clean these bottles, you will need a brush for taking care of the leftovers.
  • A thermos for storing hot water to prepare formula milk and as a container for boiled water is recommended.
  • Muslin cloths/ bibs are needed to avoid spills and messes. You can get a support pillow for maintaining a comfortable posture when you breastfeed your baby.

Wardrobe essentials:

wardrobe essentials

A baby checklist for newborn essentials cannot be complete without a mention of clothing essentials.

  • You must keep tiny baby clothes made of soft materials handy so that your infant feels cozy and comfortable. However, buying too many clothes is not advisable as babies tend to grow fast and will soon outgrow this lot. You should ideally invest in 4-8 onesies, pants, pajamas, and shirts, 1-3 rompers, jackets, and sweaters, 4-7 socks, booties, and 1-3 hats.
  • Buy only soft fabrics that do not have embellishments, ribbons, sequins, glitter, etc as these can be dangerous for your infant and can even cause irritation on his skin.
    Besides, for winters, it is best to get a pair of no-scratch mittens and two wearable blankets.
  • You can invest in a fleece suit and lightweight stroller blankets for taking him outside. Remember to buy a mild laundry detergent for washing these at home.
  • Sleepsuits and full body suits are meant for easy dressing and when you buy sleepsuits, you should get them with press-up buttons preferable.
  • Buy about half a dozen tops with open fronts because making your baby wear dresses with buttons at the back can be tricky.
  • Socks are a must to keep his feet warm especially when you want to take him outdoors.
  • Caps or blankets with hoods are a must-have for the cold weather and these make him feel secure
  • A swaddling cloth/wrap-around blanket is a must-have and it is best if it is made using breathable materials that will protect your baby from the harsh cold outside.

Bedding essentials:

  • While it is better that you let your baby sleep with you during the first few weeks, you must also arrange for his separate sleep area. When he is sleeping beside you, you need to ensure that the area is firm and secure; you can add sheets and blankets to prepare a cozy bed for the new baby.
  • Crib/mattress: You should buy a lightweight crib with a well-fitted mattress; it is best to avoid fluffy ones that may prove to be suffocating for him. Firm ones are safer and light sheets will let you tuck them in easily. Pillows should be firm, stitched properly, and double-layered so that the child does not get suffocated even if he turns inside the cot.
  • Sheets and blankets: It is best to buy superior-quality lint-free blankets for your newborn. Blankets must be breathable and lightweight while quick dry-sheets are best to make sure your baby enjoys a comfortable sleep.
  • A baby monitor can be a good buy when your baby is ready to move into the nursery; this helps you monitor his sleep.
  • Mosquito nets are recommended for newborns, and along with an ultrasonic repellent, it can protect them from bites and infections.

Diaper essentials:

  • You will require 2-3 big packs of baby diapers for your newborn; alternately, you can get 6-10dozen cloth ones and 6-8 diaper covers.
  • Make sure you buy 2-3 boxes of baby wipes. You must use wet wipes for cleaning the baby’s bottom gently. Wipes help retain the moisture on the skin and keep this area smelling clean and fresh
  • 2 big tubes of good-quality diaper rash creams; you can ask your doctor for names of effective diaper creams and learn how to use these.
  • A diaper bag to accommodate all of these
  • Changing the mat can be extremely handy when changing your baby’s diapers especially when you are out with him. These changing mats help to protect the bed linen from getting soiled. Most of the mats you find in the store are easy-to-clean and designed for travel purposes.
  • Garbage bags/dustbins: It is important to keep separate bags for disposing of baby diapers.

Bathing essentials:

Here are some baby essentials for newborn bathtime:

  • Baby shampoo and body wash, preferably a tear-free, fragrance-free, mild baby wash.
  • Bathtub depending on your baby’s size
  • Baby towels with hoods made from absorbent materials
  • Baby lotion or cream for moisturizing his skin after bath.
  • Soft washcloths
  • You can use traditional hair oil like coconut or almond oil for massaging the scalp.

Finally, when you have brought all these essentials home, you can invest in essential baby gear items to take him out or sit him down during mealtimes. A baby carrier like a kangaroo-pouch is most convenient for carrying him around with you while a stroller, pram, or baby swing is the best choice when he is slightly older.

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